How can I do GAPS* better?

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We live in a society where we want to see progress instantaneously. And it’s okay to feel that way, we all do! We’ve been conditioned to expect instant results. And it’s hard to face reality when those results don’t materialize as quickly as we want them to.

GAPS* is a journey! There are turns & bends, humps & dips, positives and negatives! All of which can be navigated better if we are prepared and have the right knowledge. As I look back to my first year on GAPS* I see all the hiccups and challenges I navigated alone and struggled through (read more about my personal journey HERE)! The road I travelled along was difficult and could have been much easier if there would have been someone there to guide me. I sometimes think “Would I have healed quicker if I did things differently?” I’ll never be able to relive the past, but instead going forward I can aim to influence and improve my journey in the future! With the wisdom and expertise I gained from becoming a Certified GAPS* Coach, I feel more confident in saying that my journey ahead will be better and more fulfilling when I employ the knowledge and skills I have under my belt.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely wondering how can you improve your GAPS* journey, right? If you’re willing to take a chance, I’d like to help you make improvements and provide you with insight as to where you might be going astray. I can help you focus on the important components within the five areas of GAPS*: Environmental Toxin Elimination & Reduction, Food Restrictions to avoid feeding the Pathogenic/Opportunistic Bacteria in the Gut, Re-Populating the Gut with Beneficial Flora, Detoxification and Boosting Nutrition (read more about each area in What is the GAPS* Protocol?). These areas are the backbone of the GAPS* journey. If you are prepared and have the knowledge to tackle all five areas to your maximum potential, then I believe you could see further benefits and improvements throughout your journey! At least this is how I approach my health journey… I continually strive to make improvements in all five areas and focus my efforts on the important key components. It is a continual commitment I make to myself to see results!

So what services can I sign up for to make improvements in these five areas?

Living in Wellness Coaching Services offers 1-Hour Coaching Sessions where you get personalized one-on-one interaction with myself, a Certified GAPS* Coach. Here we can discuss what you are currently doing, what is impacting your GAPS* journey and look at integrating suggestions that aim to improve components within the five most important areas of GAPS*. Please feel free to read more about How can the 1-Hour Coaching Session help me?

Living in Wellness Coaching Services also offers PROMOTIONAL Packages that teach you the basics of the GAPS* Protocol. Although the title of our packages indicate that it’s Guided Assistance Transitioning onto the GAPS* Protocol, that doesn’t mean a current GAPSter cannot increase their skill set and knowledge by joining the program. Everyone can benefit by participating in live Zoom sessions and ask questions specifically geared to their current experience. Read more about the breakdown of what the PROMOTIONAL packages offer by clicking HERE. Furthermore, these PROMOTIONAL packages are set up such that they include a personalized 1-Hour Coaching Session where we can discuss what you are currently doing, how it’s impacting your journey and look at integrating suggestions that aim to improve components within the five most important areas of GAPS*.

If you’re ready to get started with addressing the five most important areas of GAPS*, then I’m excited to to meet you and start working together!

Note: GAPS* stands for Gut and Psychology / Physiology Syndrome and was created by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.